Global supply rebalancing and AI - key themes for 2016 global poultry industry performance

02 December — Excessive supply expansion has outstripped continued strong fundamentals—robust demand, ongoing low feed prices and relatively high competitive protein prices—in recent months, after multiple quarters of balanced supply/demand. This is pressuring producer profitability in most regions of the world and global chicken meat prices have dropped significantly, says the Rabobank Poultry Quarterly Q4. Key for the industry’s 2016 outlook is a rebalancing of supply to new market conditions. An impro...

November 2015

  1. Nov 27

    Rabobank Agri Commodity Market Research: Outlook 2016

    While weather problems paint a bright price outlook for coffee and sugar, grains and oilseeds are likely to be more stable prospects. Record production of grains and oilseeds from South America coupled with decent crops elsewhere materialised in very high global stock levels, which weigh on prices and limit volatility. The dollar strength, which we expect to continue through 2016, will generate stock building of grains and oilseeds in the US, while currency weakness in emerging countries lik...
  2. Nov 09

    Rabobank Report: Big Data has the potential to add $10 billion a year to value of global crop farming

    Data-intensive farming is coming, according to Rabobank’s latest report From Intuitive to Fact-Based Farming. Rabobank predicts “smart farming” practises could easily add USD $10 billion a year to the value of field crop farming on a global scale, with the real value likely to be higher. However, the successful implementation of data-led farming will also require fundamental changes to existing farming practices, as well as the relationships between farmers, suppliers and customers.

October 2015

  1. Oct 28

    Rabobank: Mind the gap – investment in railway cold chains required to meet China’s demand for perishable food

    China’s appetite for fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat is expected to increase by 17% between 2015 and 2025. The country’s growing demand for fresh food offers huge opportunities for imports from Europe’s well-reputed food industry. The ‘New Silk Road’ - the Yu’Xin’Ou Railway, connecting Chongqing and Rotterdam by rail, provides an exciting new route to market for European exporters as it reduces transport times by over 30 days compared to shipping. However, to build China’s supply chains ...
  2. Oct 26

    Rabobank: Increasing Demand for Sustainable Palm Oil

    The growing demand for sustainable palm oil is bringing both opportunities and challenges to the industry. Palm oil suppliers are sourcing increasing volumes of sustainable palm oil to comply with growing demand from food and consumer goods manufacturers. Rabobank forecasts that global demand for palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) will double in five years, growing from 5.3 million tonnes in 2014 to ca. 11 million by 2020. In the report titled ‘Many Flavours o...
  3. Oct 20

    Rabobank Global Pork Quarterly Q4: Exchange Rates Increasingly Dominate the Market

    After the rather disappointing development in Q3, the global pork market will continue its slow recovery in Q4. Main driver of the limited growth in the global market were the adverse exchange rates, which limited global pork trade. This resulted in a clearly visible mismatch between supply and demand across the globe, with elevated price levels in one group of countries and stable/pressured prices in the other countries, according to the Rabobank Global Pork Quarterly Q4 report.
  4. Oct 19

    Rabobank Global Wine Quarterly Q4: In Full Flow: Online Wine Sales on the Rise

    Driven by consumer demand, it is becoming abundantly clear that e-commerce will continue to grow its share of total wine retail sales. According to Rabobank’s latest Global Wine Quarterly Q4 report, growth rates of online wine sales vary across markets, but they have one thing in common: By far, they consistently outpace growth in traditional retail. Online retailing is so important in many markets because of the interest it can generate from millennials—and it so happens that precisely this ...
  5. Oct 16

    Rabobank: Farming and agriculture must become “smarter” to feed the world in 2025

    The food and agriculture (F&A) industry must increase production, availability and access to food significantly over the next ten years if it is to meet the demands of a larger, increasingly urban global population. Against a backdrop of uneven growth and soft commodity prices, this will require all in the Food & Agri industry to embrace the opportunity provided by data and technology according to Building a Smarter Food System, a report presented by Rabobank at Expo Milano 2015.
  6. Oct 08

    Rabobank Dairy Quarterly Q3: Scaling the Milk Mountain

    The third quarter brought heart palpitations for many on the sell-side of the dairy market. From already extreme lows, prices of key commodities fell a further 12% to 26% through the first half of the period in international trade, before recovering most of that ground by the end of September. Globally more milk was produced than the market needs in the third quarter and a significant inventory overhang is now sitting in the hands of first buyers and, now, sellers. While the world is for now ...
  7. Oct 05

    Rabobank Report: Big Data to Shake up Food Retail

    With the online grocery channel evolving on a global scale, Rabobank foresees the need for both food retailers and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) producers to significantly reshape their business models. Rabobank believes that, should they stay as they are, many classic food retail business models won’t survive this ‘modern’ age, and both retailers and FMCG producers need to adjust their go-to-market and supply chain tactics to incorporate big data and associated media strategies, if they ...
  8. Oct 05

    Rabobank Sugar Quarterly Q3: Is the Worst Over?

    Raw sugar prices reached their lowest levels since late 2008, continuing the downward trend in Q3 2015. The weakening Brazilian real—coupled with concerns about the impact of slowing global economic growth on commodity prices in general—saw funds maintaining a net short position for much of the third quarter. It heaps further pressure on a market already groaning under the weight of stocks accumulated over the last five years, according to the Rabobank Sugar Quarterly Q3 report.
  9. Oct 02

    Rabobank Report: Intensified competition creating winners and losers

    From 2007 to 2014, pork consumption in the EU has declined. Now, in this dynamic European pork industry, competitive power and market position are pivotal to success. In its report ‘The EU Pork Industry; Competitive Power Is Key’, Rabobank finds there are five key success factors of EU pork processors: cost competitiveness, sourcing, efficiency, market approach and client access.

September 2015

  1. Sep 30

    Rabobank Report: Consumer trends driving new trends in packaging

    In recent years, the global packaging industry has seen strong growth. In its report, ‘Consumer trends define packaging hot spots’ Rabobank finds that much of this growth is being driven by five key consumer trends; premiumisation, convenience, online retailing, shelf-life extension and recyclability. Each of these trends have benefits for both packaging material and equipment makers.
  2. Sep 28

    Rabobank Beef Quarterly Q3 2015: Traded Volumes Are Reaching Quota Limits

    New Zealand and Australia beef exports to the US are set to reach their quota limits in Q4. Meanwhile, global economic conditions—such as the appreciation of the US dollar and the depreciation of the yuan and the real—are having an impact on beef trade, according to the Rabobank Beef Quarterly Q3.
  3. Sep 10

    Rabobank Poultry Quarterly Q3: Avian Flu Shuffles the Deck Chairs

    The margin outlook for the global poultry industry is still strong. The industry is benefiting from ongoing bullish market fundamentals, according to Rabobank’s latest Poultry Quarterly Q3 report. Supply is balanced in most regions, beef prices are high, feed costs are low. With China as the major exception, the industry is profitable in almost all major global regions.
  4. Sep 08

    Rabobank Spirits Quarterly Q4: Rum Caught in the Middle

    Rum has had a challenging time in major developed markets in recent years. In both the US and Europe, rum sales have been on the decline. But we believe the category has opportunities to regain its footing in both markets. In general, financial performances of spirits companies showed moderate signs of improvement in most major markets this quarter, displaying increased margins and profitability. As consumer confidence recovered in developed markets and consumers gradually emphasised prem...

August 2015

  1. Aug 24

    Rabobank Report: Australian Beef – On the Cusp of Great Things

    The future of the Australian beef industry is looking bright. Key fundamentals for a strong Australian beef industry –consisting of strong international demand, constrained global supply, a depreciating dollar and trade agreements– are falling into place. An improvement in the weather and drought-breaking rains through many cattle-producing regions would provide that necessary relief for many producers and allow the herd rebuilding process to begin.
  2. Aug 19

    Rabobank Report: China’s Incredible Shrinking Hog Herd

    The astonishing drop of the Chinese hog and sow herd will impact the entire global pork market in the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. For 2015, Chinese pork production is forecast to plummet by 3.7 million tonnes (6.5 percent), to 53 million tonnes in 2015. However, while China’s pork industry has experienced one of the largest culls in history, not everyone is set to lose, as other countries are all too happy to fill the void. In its report ‘China’s Incredible Shrinking Hog Herd’, Rabobank ...
  3. Aug 05

    Rabobank Report: Moving Globally; What role will China play in the global beef market?

    Rabobank sees great potential in China’s beef market, and believes that Chinese investors will play an influential role in the global beef market over the next decade. According to Rabobank’s latest report, Moving Globally: What role will China play in the global beef market? China’s beef demand will grow an additional 2.2 million tonnes by 2025. Driven by the weak domestic production, but with strong demand, the beef sector will likely become the first agricultural sector where China has hi...

July 2015

  1. Jul 29

    Rabobank Global Dairy Top 20 2015

    The Global Dairy Top 20, Rabobank’s latest annual survey of the world’s largest dairy companies, highlights the giants of one of the most valuable food sectors on the globe. “While the names of the world’s 20 largest dairy companies will be familiar to industry followers, the order saw something of a shakeup compared to 12 months prior”, says Rabobank Global Dairy Strategist Tim Hunt. Nestlé remained at the top of the table, but Lactalis edged into second position for the first time, ah...
  2. Jul 16

    Rabobank Pork Quarterly Q3: China’s Shrinking Hog Herd to Ignite Global Pork Trade

    According to the latest Rabobank Pork Quarterly report, the global pork market recovered during Q2, with rising prices in almost all main exporting and importing countries. Supported by limited supply growth, the supply/demand balance clearly improved across the globe, with the most notable recovery in the US, Canadian and Chinese markets. The EU and Japan were the exceptions, as pork prices dropped. This trend was supported by limited exchange rate movements. Rabobank animal protein an...
  3. Jul 16

    Rabobank Report: Joining Both Ends of the Supply Chain; Reaching out to Smallholder Farmers

    Supply security concerns, potential savings on raw material costs and managing reputational risk are just some of the reasons why a growing number of global food & agribusiness (F&A) companies are taking steps to engage with farmers at the upstream ends of their supply chains. This is especially the case in chains that depend on smallholder farmers for products, such as coffee, cocoa, nuts, spices, and certain vegetables and tropical fruit. Rabobank’s report Joining both Ends of the ...
  4. Jul 15

    Rabobank Wine Quarterly Q3: Is Sipping Cider a Threat to the Wine Industry?

    Impressive growth in the demand for cider in the global markets has put it squarely back on the beverage alcohol map, attracting a younger, more affluent consumer, according to the Rabobank Wine Quarterly Q3 report.
  5. Jul 15

    Rabobank Report: Wanted: ‘E-daptable’ Fresh Produce Suppliers

    A new era in online shopping is arriving, and it will increasingly impact fresh fruit, vegetables and floriculture supply chains. Just as tomorrow’s shopper will buy other groceries online, he or she will also buy fresh produce online. Suppliers that want to take advantage of this development have to adapt to the specific requirements of the e-shelf, according to Rabobank Report Wanted: ‘E-daptable’ Fresh Produce Suppliers. While total retail sales are stagnant, online grocery sales in we...
  6. Jul 08

    Rabobank Report: The Global Quest for Protein

    As global demand for meat, fish and dairy grows, so too does demand for animal feed. The demand for vegetable protein meals for use in animal feed has increased, and this trend is likely to continue over the coming decade. The increasing share of protein in feed, combined with increasing meat consumption and absolute population growth, raise important questions on how the supply of vegetable meals can keep pace with rising demand for animal feed.