Rabobank Report: Decline in EU beef production set to continue

22 October — The EU beef industry is experiencing one of its most challenging times in history. Cattle prices have surged to record levels driven by strong export demand since late 2010 and tight supply resulting from pulling cattle forward and declining beef imports. While high prices usually result in herd retention followed by supply recovery, the opposite is currently occurring in the EU.

October 2012

  1. Oct 18

    Rabobank Fertiliser Quarterly Report: increasing demand to fuel international trading activity

    Rising agricultural commodity prices should drive an increase in demand for fertiliser as farmers attempt to increase yields in order to capitalise on higher prices. A pick-up in demand for fertilisers will fuel international trading activity but the direction and strength of any movement across the nutrient complex could be tempered by a number of supply factors.
  2. Oct 18

    Rabo on Renewables Quarterly Q4 2012

    Although roughly USD 3.3 billion was invested in new renewable energy capacity between July and September 2012 - slightly more than in the previous quarter, 2012 is unlikely to reach the USD 25 billion in investments seen last year. Tempered investment appetite in the EU is one of the main reasons for this.
  3. Oct 15

    Rabobank Report: Vegetable oil stocks reach 38 year low, with demand pressures set to continue

    Demand for vegetable oils for food and biofuel use is expected to increase by an additional 23 million tonnes by 2016; however supply is expected to struggle to keep up with this demand, according to a Rabobank report, Finding the Food-Fuel Balance. Vegetable oil stocks have reached a 38 year low this year due in large part to constraints such as land availability and adverse weather.
  4. Oct 12

    Rabobank Pork Quarterly Q4 2012

    The global pork sector is experiencing one of its most turbulent years in history, with dramatically contrasting price movements among pork producing regions worldwide. Rabobank expects global hog prices to remain under pressure in the first part of Q4 followed by a price recovery towards the end of the year and into 2013. Agricultural commodity price volatility, exchange rate movements and fluctuating Chinese pork imports look set to drive global pork market in coming years.
  5. Oct 10

    Contract manufacturing market in European food and beverages to double to EUR 15 billion by 2020, says Rabobank Report

    The European contract manufacturing market in food and beverages is expected to roughly double in size by 2020, driven by underlying demand growth, market share gains of ‘A-brands’ and increased levels of outsourcing activity, according to a new report by Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory. An anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 8 percent will see contract manufacturing reach a size of at least EUR 14 billion to EUR 16 billion in the coming eight years.
  6. Oct 09

    Rabobank Wine Quarterly Q3 2012

    The latest research by Rabobank suggests that global inventories of commercial wine are at their lowest point in over a decade, and stronger grape and bulk wine pricing in many markets suggest that the industry is much closer to balance.
  7. Oct 09

    Rabobank Report: Food and Agri industry is turning waste into revenue - instead of a cost

    Food and agribusiness companies are discovering innovative ways to create value from the waste that they produce, shifting the perception of ‘waste as a cost’ to ‘waste as a revenue’, according to a Rabobank report, Don’t Waste a Drop: Maximising the Value of F&A Waste Streams. This change has been enabled by the development of new technologies and the growing scale of F&A company operations.

September 2012

  1. Sep 27

    Rabobank Dairy Quarterly Q3 2012

    'Rabobank Dairy Quarterly Q3 2012: The return of milk scarcity' details the pricing, supply and demand and outlook for milk and other dairy products around the world, focusing on the makets in Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Argentina. Rabobank predicts that the global diary market appears headed for renewed supply scarcity in the coming 12 months.
  2. Sep 26

    Rabobank Report: China’s demand for pork could see corn imports reach 20 million tonnes per year

    If current trends in China’s pork production and industrialisation continue, corn imports could approach 20 million tonnes per year within a five-year time frame. This is one of the changes in the landscape of China’s pork industry that will have major reverberations on world markets.
  3. Sep 19

    Rabobank Report: Agflation to hit animal protein and dairy industries

    Skyrocketing agricultural commodity prices are causing the world to re-enter a period of "agflation", with food prices forecast to reach record highs in 2013 and to continue to rise well into Q3 2013. Unlike the staple grain shortage of 2008, this year's scarcity will affect feed intensive crops with serious repercussions for the animal protein and dairy industries.
  4. Sep 12

    Rabobank Sugar Quarterly Q3 2012

    New York raw sugar futures rallied in mid-June, with prices driven close to USc 24/lb in the last week of July supported by concerns regarding Brazilian and Indian production. Perceptions on both crops have now improved as recent weather has proved favorable for harvesting, which has brought prices back to around USc 20/lb. Positive outlooks for Russia, China and Thailand, have led us to increase our projection of the 2012/13 surplus from 4.6mn tonnes to 5.2mn tonnes of sugar, raw value.
  5. Sep 12

    EU Flour Milling Industry: Market Backdrop Drives Industry towards Tipping Point

    The European flour market is fragmented both in terms of participants and regions, resulting in increasing internal competition and a struggle for survival.
  6. Sep 04

    Rabobank Report: Quality will win battle for US olive oil - But Spain will continue to be price setter

    The United States olive oil market – the worlds third-largest for consumption – is poised to become a battleground between historic European producers and new challengers from California, Chile and Australia, according to a new study from Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory.

July 2012

  1. Jul 16

    Rabobank Global Dairy Top – 20

    The latest Rabobank survey of the world’s largest dairy companies highlights not just the ‘who’s who of dairy’, but also the continuing spate of merger and acquisition activity and the tensions between the past and future of the dairy industry. The top rankings in the list are still largely filled by companies from the developed world, while most of the growth prospects lie beyond OECD boundaries.changing global market dynamics will determine their prospects for survival in coming years.