EU Isoglucose production to take off post-2017

12 August — The future of the EU isoglucose market may look sweet, but it is also full of uncertainties. According to a new report from Rabobank – Will Starch Grains Beat Sugar? - the impending change in EU sugar policy in 2017 could trigger a shift from sugar to isoglucose usage. Rabobank believes that isoglucose production could take off, particularly in grain and starch-rich but sugar-poor countries such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. At the same time, other regions in the EU are also set to captur...

July 2014

  1. Jul 30

    Rabobank Wine Quarterly Q3: Adapting to a changing consumer landscape

    With growth in mainstream demand for wine noticeably shifting towards new markets and consumers, the current challenge for wine companies is how to adapt to an evolving consumer landscape, according to the latest Wine Quarterly report from Rabobank. It appears that fortune favours the brave as market segmentation is ushering in a new wave of innovation in global wine styles, marketing and distribution. A consumer-centric approach will become key to drawing in—and remaining relevant to—new gen...
  2. Jul 28

    ​Rabobank Report: Significant potential for Tanzanian coffee industry, but serious challenges remain

    With proper investment and training Tanzania is well placed to achieve its potential in the global coffee markets. However, according to the latest report from Rabobank, Climbing Kilimanjaro: Tanzania's Future in Global Coffee serious governmental efforts are needed to overcome the country’s current stagnation in production and enable farmers to improve the quality of their beans. To address these issues, the Tanzanian government should work with the industry to create dedicated value chains.
  3. Jul 25

    Rabobank Pork Quarterly Report: Where to source pork is the question

    The global pork market is moving into record territory in Q3. Especially in the exporting countries impacted by the porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDv), hog and pork prices will continue to break records in the remainder of Q3 and into Q4. In the non-impacted countries, this, plus the high prices for beef and poultry, will support bullish hog and pork prices. However, in the European Union (EU) and China, markets will improve seasonally but will not reach the highs experienced in other co...
  4. Jul 15

    US set to become urea self-sufficient on fertiliser capacity boom

    US nitrogen fertiliser capacity has boomed in recent years as natural gas costs have decreased. According to a new report from Rabobank – A Shale Tale: The aftermath of the US Nitrogen Fertiliser Boom - the US nitrogen fertiliser market is now reaching a point of saturation, as announced capacities are expected to come online in the next few years. Market saturation, increasing fixed and variable costs for production make further capacity additions in the short term unlikely. However, the rec...
  5. Jul 14

    America Becoming a “Nation of Suckers” as Mints Deflate U.S. Gum Sales in Market for Fresh Breath

    Americans are chewing a lot less gum these days, according to a new report from Rabobank – and it is mints, that are taking the “share of mouth”. The report, “A Nation of Suckers,” points out that the $4 billion U.S. gum market is down 10% in sales and a whopping 20% in volume in the last five years alone. Sales are falling across the board, from kid-friendly bubble gum to mainstream sugar-free chewing gum. Rabobank says the widespread exodus suggests it is an issue with the category itself,...
  6. Jul 11

    Rabobank Sugar Quarterly Q2: Small global deficit in 2014/15 to end four years of surplus

    The global sugar market has been trading sideways in the past three months, as prices have been confined in a range between USc 16.5/lb and USc 18.5/lb, according to Rabobank’s Sugar Quarterly Q2 2014. Brazil continues to send conflicting signals to the sugar market. While initial cane production estimates of 570 million tonnes and 32.8 million tonnes of sugar remain for the region, this is subject to revisions, depending on how the weather progresses in the coming months after a long dry per...
  7. Jul 09

    Rabobank Global Dairy Top-20

    The latest annual Rabobank survey of the world’s largest dairy companies highlights the giants of one of the world’s most valuable food sectors. The last 18 months have seen most of these players battle challenging conditions, with weak economies and supply constraints undermining sales growth in key markets. Against this backdrop, mergers and acquisitions have become an attractive route to growth and profitability. But with billion dollar deals increasingly hard to come by, dairy giants will...
  8. Jul 02

    Rabobank Beef Quarterly Q2: Chinese import volume remains historically high

    According to the latest Rabobank report, Beef Quarterly Q2 2014, the global beef market will regain its positive momentum in Q3, once the current, temporarily high supply has worked through the system. This will likely support further strengthening of prices, as supply of competing animal proteins tighten. The main wildcards for the start of these positive developments are rainfall in Australia, and to a lesser extent the continued drought in US and Brazil pushing more cattle through the sys...

June 2014

  1. Jun 26

    Rabobank Poultry Quarterly Q2: Prices taking off as macroeconomic conditions improve

    Global poultry prices are taking off in Q2, according to Rabobank’s Poultry Quarterly Q2: Prices Taking Off report. This bullishness is driven by relative price support from high beef and pork prices alongside demand recovery and a more balanced supply and demand situation in most regions of the world. This is expected to lead to an improvement in profitability for the global poultry industry.
  2. Jun 25

    Rabobank Dairy Quarterly Q2: After recent slide, global dairy price recovery is likely 6 months away

    As anticipated, global dairy prices softened considerably through Q2. According to Rabobank’s Dairy Quarterly Q2: Beyond the tipping point, prices fell as a result of improved milk production in export regions and the easing of forward purchasing by China. These mechanisms freed more product for other buyers and lowered the need to ration demand with international dairy commodity prices falling 10% to 20% in the three months to mid-June.
  3. Jun 24

    Rabobank: Meat Packaging Technologies to Create Opportunities for the European Meat Sector

    New packaging and processing technologies are extending the shelf-life of fresh and processed meat. According to a new report from Rabobank, “Meat Packaging to Extend Shelf Life”, benefits include: expanded geographical sales coverage, better margins across the value chain, lower environmental costs of meat consumption and product premiumisation. While consumer preference for fresh over frozen to date has limited sales to mostly regional markets, this could now be changing. Expanding the targ...
  4. Jun 19

    Now that's smooth: Scotch whisky producers must smooth out production

    Scotch whisky is currently enjoying a boom due to growing demand in the US and emerging markets. The industry is ramping up production to rebuild the declining stocks of longer aged whiskies. However, while production growth is warranted, a new report from Rabobank, “Now That’s Smooth” suggests that a smoother rate of production growth could help reduce the industry’s historic shifts between excess supply and shortages.
  5. Jun 11

    Food Processors Challenged by Online Growth Dynamics

    The global food industry is on the eve of an online retailing revolution that will lead to fundamental changes for players along the supply chain, from processors through to retailers. For brands and private-label food processors of every size it means exploiting opportunities and tackling the challenges of securing on-screen visibility. In its latest flagship report, “Food Processors Challenged by Online Growth Dynamics,” Rabobank looks at the growth of online food retail as a game changer f...
  6. Jun 03

    Rabobank Spirits Quarterly Q2 2014: Asia continues to grab the spotlight

    In the global spirits market, several surprises have emerged out of Asia in recent months according to Rabobank’s latest report Spirits Quarterly Q2 2014. China continues to surprise the industry, as initiatives to curb government extravagance that many believed would be short lived continue to weigh on sales of premium spirits. Looking beyond China the other surprises out of Asia have been Suntory’s acquisition of Beam in January and Emperador winning the bid to acquire White & Mackay.